Private investigation of a family nature

Personal problems are the hardest to solve as they affect individuals directly thus presenting obstacles in most cases to their being followed correctly and coldly.


Investigator Detectives takes on these conflicts in the most humane way, with the tact required when there are feelings involved, with total seriousness and the utmost discretion.

  • Marital unfaithfulness. Investigated to find out the real situation
  • Custody of children. Attempting to demonstrate the spouse’s lack of dedication or inability for this end.
  • Pensions. Determination of income and localization of possessions. Determination of social status or standard of living, etc.
  • Pre-marriage reports. Obtaining the necessary information about the past and present of the person questioned, to assist in decision-making.
  • Children’s behavior. Precautions in drugs, sects, etc. Determination of the actual situation and formulation of an action plan.
  • Search for persons. Localization of relatives both within national territory and abroad.


  • Anonymous letters or phone-calls etc., threats, blackmail, etc. Investigation of the origin and formulation of the action plan.
  • Theft, shoplifting and fraud
  • Inheritance. Localization and quantification
  • Pre-employment reports of domestic staff. Obtaining and confirmation of working and educational history, level of employment conflict, performance and downtime average, police record, etc.
  • Private crimes and offences
  • Criminals, penal investigation
  • Recovery of works of art and heritage
  • Police negotiations