Our working method

We form a group of experienced professionals, who support each other in the most advanced investigation techniques, and we apply the methodology most pertinent to every specific case.


Our organization has featured in the most highly valued episodes of private investigation in Spain in recent years. This background has given rise to a relationship of collaboration and mutual trust with the State Security Forces. We have also resolved cases of great importance in the corporate and financial world, which have not reached the media for obvious reasons of professional discretion.

We have our own investigation techniques that assure operational effectiveness in carrying out our activities.
When faced with the statement of the case we proceed to analyze the risks and offer advice and consultancy.

We work with cutting-edge multimedia technology, thanks to the work of our R+D department, which tests the latest advances before incorporating them into the investigation.

Technology at the service of the detective

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For a company, security in communications is important but much more so is keeping data hidden as well as the decisions taken in meeting rooms, or calls of a high commercial value. That is why it is fundamental to ensure an environment free of recordings or eavesdropping.

Investigator Detectives has the technology necessary for carrying out security scanning and for counter-surveillance procedures. With total discretion, we will inform you about the degree of security of your environment and provide you with the measures necessary to safeguard your confidentiality.

For video-surveillance we have cameras that are fixed on the exterior ensuring a well-defined perimeter. For stores, industrial warehouses and homes, mini-cameras are suitable, perfect for surveillance of interior spaces. They are also effective for the investigator to carry, recording all that happens at a specific moment.

GPS technology is used in localization tasks. Depending on the device, the method is active or passive. Active, when the transmitter emits a time signal, in real time without the need for recovering the apparatus. Passive, in the case of data obtained from the transmitter once it has been recovered. GPS transmitters enable monitoring to be carried out by means of a website or by the use of a PDA. Both cases in real time.   

The human factor

Our own investigation techniques supported by technological resources enable us to guarantee results. But good solutions would not be possible without the figure of the detective, the central point of every case. An intelligent and experienced professional who elucidates which techniques and which resources to employ. Their versatility enables our collaborators to perform in the most suitable way for each circumstance, and to figure out the best way to achieve the objectives, always within the bounds of indispensable discretion and legality.


Somos un buen equipo